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Here you will find all our information resources to help you best use your IDX Home Search service. Still stuck? Feel free to e-mail us or call (904) 800-1811!


(Desktop computer recommended for this process.)

Open your Account Overview page in a new tab by clicking here, then follow the steps listed below.

STEP 1: Connect To Your MLS

Connect to your MLS by completing the form in the home search service tab. Be sure to click “Submit and Continue.”

STEP 2: Allow Permissions

In order to complete your Home Search entry page set up, we need to get access to your Facebook pages. Please click the “Allow Permissions” button shown above to grant us this access.

STEP 3: Create Your Business Page

Next you will be prompted to create a Facebook business page or it will move you on to the next step.

STEP 4: Select Your Page

Select your primary Facebook business page, then select which of your pages on which to put the home search tab. Click “Save Page Selections.”

STEP 5: Choose Post Frequency

Choose how often you want posts to automatically appear on your Business Page. You can choose up to 4 times per month.

You can also download the PDF of this guide here.


Include a link to your Home Search in your marketing.

Bring more traffic to your home search by linking to it from marketing materials. You’ll also want to include the link in your social media posts on sites like Twitter and LinkedIn. Additionally, make it easy for current or prospective clients to access your search by adding the link to your email signature. Obtain your site link by browsing to your search page and highlight the full link in your browser’s address bar. Then right-click and hit copy. You can now paste the link wherever you want to use it.

Pin a post with a link to your home search on your business page.

Bring more awareness to your IDX Home Search by pinning a promotional post to the top of your Facebook business page. Make sure the post includes a link to your IDX Home Search. To pin a post, click on the small grey ellipsis [insert image here] in the top right hand corner and select “Pin to Top of Page.” If you select a post that needs a link to your Home Search, click the ellipsis [insert image here] and select “Edit Post” from the drop down menu. Now edit the text to include your Home Search link.


How do I create a Facebook page?

You can create your business page in just a few quick steps. View a step-by-step guide about How to Create Your Facebook Business Page here or follow the instructions below:

  1. Click Here to start creating your Facebook business page.
  2. Select ‘Local Business or Place.’
  3. Select your business’ category (e.g. Real Estate) and fill in your business information, including your business name, street address, city and state, zip code and telephone number. Check the box that says ‘I agree to Facebook Pages Terms’ and click the blue ‘Get Started’ button.
  4. Upload a profile picture for your Facebook business page. Click on ‘Upload From Computer’ if you are uploading a picture located on your computer or mobile device. Click on ‘Import From Website’ if you are uploading your picture from the Internet.
  5. After your profile picture has uploaded, click the ‘Next’ button.
  6. Fill in biography information including a description of your business and your website link. Adding this information improves the ranking of your page in search. Indicate whether your page will represent a real establishment, business or venue by selecting ‘Yes’ or ‘No.’ Click ‘Save Info’ to continue.
  7. Select ‘Skip’ enabling ads.
  8. You have completed building your Facebook business page. Learn more about how to manage your Facebook business page by clicking here.

Want a Facebook Business Page created without any hassle? Contact us about our Page Create service today!

How to cancel IDX Home Search?

Contact customer service at [email protected] or 904-800-1811 (M-F 9am-5pm EST)You can remain a member of the Real Estate Agent Directory at no charge.

You can still register for IDX Home Search even if your MLS is pending. If you order the service in advance of MLS activation, your credit card will NOT be charged until your market becomes live. We will notify you in advance via email and through Facebook notifications once your MLS market becomes available. There are no contracts, and you can cancel at any time. Upon MLS activation, you will be notified by email.

How do I pin a post with a link to my home search on my business page?

To bring more awareness to your home search, pin the most recent promotional post that includes a link to your search to the top of your Facebook business page. To pin a post, click on the ellipsis in the top right hand corner and select “Pin to Top” from the dropdown menu. If you have a post that does not already include a link to your home search, simply select “Edit Post” from the drop down menu and edit the text to include your link.

How do to manage my Facebook business page?

Manage your Facebook page by analyzing insights, adding content to your page such as wall posts, photos, albums, and more. Access your business page by clicking the Facebook icon in the upper right-hand corner of Facebook. On the left-hand side of your Facebook home page you will see ‘Pages.’ Click on your page to view and manage it.Make sure you have added Directory tabs to your business page to make the most of your Real Estate Agent Directory’s membership.

Learn more about how to manage your Facebook business page here.

How do I send a welcome message to new fans with a link to my home search tab?

When connecting with new fans, send them a personalized message thanking them for being a fan of your page. Make sure to include a link to your home search tab in your welcome message, letting them know that they can search for available homes in your MLS right from your page.

To see who has recently liked your business page, go to your Activity Log and look at your Recent Notifications. View a complete list of your page fans by clicking the small orange icon next to a page like notification.


Facebook page restrictions preventing apps from working.

Facebook recently changed page security settings which had unintended consequences for some Facebook application users including the Real Estate Agent Directory on Facebook. This change affected about 5% of our members from being able to properly display their Agent Profile in the Directory and on their Facebook business page.If your profile was affected by these changes and therefore until you change these restrictions, the app will NOT work for you.

Facebook is aware of the problem it caused and is looking into it; however it is not known when this issue will be fixed.

In the meantime, you can fix the problem yourself in just a few steps as follows:

1. Go to your Facebook business page that you linked to your Directory profile.

2. From your page, click Edit Page and Manage Permissions.

3. Make sure your Age and Country Restrictions on your Facebook business page are set to 13+ and that there is no country restriction. Make sure no country is entered into the Country Restrictions box, and that the Age Restrictions box says ‘Anyone (13+).

4. Save your settings by clicking the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

Test to see if the changes worked and your Agent profile will display properly.

1. Go to your Facebook business page that you have installed the apps.

2. Click any of the apps to make sure they are display and are working properly. If the apps display properly without the error message, you have fixed the problem!

If and when Facebook fixes this problem, we will notify you so that you can reset your Country and Age restrictions without negatively affecting the use of your Directory app.

If you have any questions, please email us or you can post a message through our Facebook page.

Can't select my business page from the drop-down menu/business page isn't available.

Make sure you are using the latest version of your web browser and have updated your age and country restrictions for your business page. If this doesn’t resolve the problem, be sure to check if there is another agent who is also an admin on your business page, who has linked their Directory profile to your page. If so, this would prevent you from seeing the page in the drop-down. Also, be sure your business page is published. Once you’ve filled out your Facebook Page and are ready to show it to the public, you need to publish your Page to have it display on the site.

While your Page is unpublished, you’ll see a dialog at the top of your Facebook Page indicating that your Page is not currently visible to non-admins. There is a link there to Publish Your Page. This will instantly set your Facebook Page to published and make it visible to the public. You can also publish your Page from the Edit Page section.

IDX Home Search not working?

When MLS Status Pending

If you signed up for IDX Home Search and your MLS is currently pending, you will not have an active search. If an MLS is listed as Pending, it means we are still working with the MLS to obtain an IDX feed.

Please note you will not be charged until your MLS market is live. We will notify you in advance via email and Facebook notifications once your MLS market becomes available. There are no contracts, and you can cancel at any time.

When MLS Status is Live

If you signed up for IDX Home Search at a Live MLS, but IDX Home Search isn’t working on your page, you may have an outstanding IDX License Agreement that still requires signature(s). Once all required parties sign the MLS document, the PDF will either go to your MLS for final approval (if required by your MLS) or your IDX Home Search will immediately activate on your business page and agent profile.

Are there additional MLS' fees for IDX Home Search?

Separate licensing fees are determined by your MLS and will vary depending on the MLS you belong to. While some MLSs charge for the use of their IDX data, others may not. We do not have any control over the fees collected by your MLS for IDX purposes. To verify whether any additional charges apply to you, please contact your MLS directly.

What are your recommended browser versions and operating systems?

To ensure the best speed, security and support, we built the Directory so it’s cross-browser compatible with the most recent versions of web browsers. If you’re experiencing difficulties with your agent profile check to make sure you’re using the most up-to-date web browser.

You can check your current browser version by clicking about in the browser menu bar. If your browser is an older version than our recommendations below upgrading is easy and free.

For the best performance we recommend using any of the the following web browsers, you can click on the appropriate link to upgrade your browser.

Firefox (latest version)


Internet Explorer (versions 9, 10)

*Version 8 of Internet Explorer is suitable but for the best performance we recommend Versions 9 or 10.


Chrome (latest version)


Safari (version 5 or higher)


Opera (versions 10, 11 or higher)


If you’re running Windows XP Home or Professional as your operating system we recommend you use Internet Explorer version 9 or that you upgrade to one of the other browsers listed above.

Upgrading Internet Explorer is easy and free at


App not working on agent's Facebook page?

If a Real Estate Agent Directory services tab (My Agent Profile, Featured Listings, Find a Home) does not work when clicked from an agent’s Facebook business page, it is usually because the agent has set Country and Age restrictions for that page which prevents the app from working. This is a known Facebook bug that affects all apps. Once the Agent reconfigures the restriction settings to the default level restrictions, the app services will again work properly.

If you are an agent and are having this problem on your page, view the solution above “Facebook Page Restrictions Preventing Apps from Working” to fix the problem.

Unable to access via mobile device.

If using a mobile device such as a phone or tablet, we recommend using the mobile browser to access Facebook. The Facebook Mobile App presents a number of compatibility issues that will prevent you from using many of our features. We are hard at work on making all areas of our app compatible with mobile devices. Please check back regularly as we implement these changes.

Experiencing problems linking directory profile tab to business page?

If you are experiencing problems linking your Directory profile tab to your business page:

  1. Make sure your business page does not have a country or age restriction. You can adjust this by going to your business page, clicking ‘Edit Info’ and ‘Manage Permissions.’ For your age restrictions, make sure you have Anyone (13+) selected.
  2. Make sure you are using the latest version of your web browser.
  3. Make sure your business page is published. Once you have filled out your Facebook Page and are ready to show it to the public, you need to publish your Page to have it display on the site.

While your Page is unpublished, you’ll see a dialog at the top of your Facebook Page indicating that your Page is not currently visible to non-admins. There is a link there to Publish Your Page. This will instantly set your Facebook Page to published and make it visible to the public. You can also publish your Page from the Edit Page section.

Can't select my business page from the drop-down menu/business page isn't available

If the solutions above do not resolve the problem, be sure to check if there is another agent who is also an admin on your business page, who has linked their Directory profile to your page. If so, this would prevent you from seeing the page in the drop-down.

When will the app be functional on my Facebook page?

The timeline varies based on approvals that are required by each MLS. In some cases, the approval process is very quick. In other cases, it is more complicated.

Also, Facebook recently made some changes, which meant that only people who have more than 2,000 fans on their business page can add the Shop tab in their brand’s social profile.

While these changes were put into place in order to help protect all Facebook user’s personal information, they put a lot of small businesses in an unfavorable position.

In light of this change, we are happy to say that we can provide a solution, which basically means that there are a few more steps, and we will add the tab for you! Since we have a team with facebook developer roles we can add tabs on behalf of our customers.

Because this process can be complicated, we have a special Concierge Team set up to help you walk through it. They will contact you the Next Business Day after you purchase IDX Services to help you navigate the approvals needed all the way through adding the tabs on your page.

You the agent will be instrumental in getting through the process as well, be on the lookout for emails from HomeASAP with instructions or approval requests.

How will I get leads?

When people search for homes through “your” HomeASAP site, they show up as Leads. If they were “Logged In” when they searched, they will show up as “identified” leads, and you will have access to all of the information Facebook will allow.

If they did not log in before searching, they will show up as “unidentified” leads, as we have no information that we can share. But we do place a cookie on their computer, and if that person logs in in the future we will then have access to their profile information (they will convert to “identified” leads).

Every 4th click, we prompt the searcher to Log In. We have found that this frequency encourages many people to log in without scaring them away to other search sites

When promoting the Home Search to potential customers, we encourage agents to direct customers through the Facebook link, so the customers will be logged in. If you are directing people to search via your external site, you should include wording that encourages people to log in while searching.

Most of my customers use their phones instead of a computer. Does this work there?

The Facebook app does not allow much room for the tabs that are visible on the computer interface. But there are a couple of ways you can encourage people to search for homes through your Business Page. Detailed instructions for most of these are available in our “Best Practices” document for IDX. (Link here or contact [email protected])

  1. You can set up the “Call to Action” button under your cover photo to be a “Use App” feature that takes people to your HomeASAP website.
  2. HomeASAP provides “promotional” posts a few times a month for the IDX HomeSearch Service. You can “Pin” one of these posts to the top of your feed so it is always accessible to someone who visits your page
  3. You can create posts and ads with a link to your HomeASAP url. Remind people to “log in” when prompted while they search so they can save information about their search (and you get an “Identified” lead!)

I did a search from my Home ASAP site and a different agent's photo came up.

IDX Home Search will show your information as the branded agent with all properties listed with your MLS. If a buyer clicks on a home listed through a different MLS, we must switch to an agent with that MLS to maintain MLS compliance. However, if the buyer clicks on another property with your MLS, your information will be displayed again. This will be more prevalent in areas where multiple MLS’s operate in the same municipality.

MLS information is listed at the very bottom of the listing details for each property if you would like to confirm that this is what’s happening.

Can I get the service on more than one Business Page?

We ask ourselves that all the time. Unfortunately, there are lots of people in the world who want to do evil things on the internet (steal your identity, steal your money, etc.), so Facebook is constantly making changes to try and keep the rest of us protected from those people.

We support their efforts to keep everyone and their data safe, but often they don’t really tell us what changes they are making and how to make our apps work with their changes. So it frequently takes us a while to figure it all out as well.

When you run into an issue, you likely aren’t the only one with that issue, but let us know and we will get to work on it. We are a very small company, which helps keep our prices low, but it means we also have VERY limited resources to respond to more than a couple of inquiries at once. Rest assured, if you send us an email to [email protected], we will respond as quickly as we are able.

I am a member of more than 1 MLS - can I get the service for all of the MLS's?

At this point we are only able to display 1 MLS per account. If you have more than one personal Facebook account, we can link them to separate MLS accounts.

I want the information on m personal Facebook page instead of a Business Page - can I do that?

Facebook does not allow personal pages to be used for Business purposes, so the tab must be put on a Facebook Business Page. That Business Page is identified by a Personal Profile, however, which is why we have you log in using your Personal Facebook information. Then you can link the profile to your Business page.

I am having trouble linking my business page. I know that I am the admin but it is not showing when I get to the pull down?

  • Make sure you’re logged into your personal Facebook account (that’s how our app identifies your Agent Profile and subscriptions)
  • Search for “Real Estate Agent Directory” in the search box within the blue bar at the top of Facebook
  • Locate “Real Estate Agent Directory” under Apps and click the “Use Now” button

  • Wait while you’re automatically logged into the app
  • Click on your name in the upper right corner of the app and select “Link to business page” from the menu.  See if you’re able to complete the steps on this page

My payment failed. Where can I go to update my card?

No problem! You can easily update your credit card by following the link here.

I need to add a different card to my account, what should I do?

Update the card you have on file by going here.  Contact our Billing department for further assistance at [email protected]

What do I need to do to get my IDX service activated?

We want you to be 100% satisfied with our service and go to great lengths to assist our agents in getting IDX service activated and working properly while maintaining a good relationship with the MLS’s. Agents are asked to provide timely responses to our Team processing requests so that we can get their service activated and connected to their Facebook business page(s) as quickly as possible.

How do I cancel my service? What is your cancellation policy?

To cancel service, please contact us and specify your reason for cancelling, as we continuously seek to improve our products to best meet the needs of our customers.  Your feedback is not necessary or required for cancellation, but we do value your opinion about our services.

Cancellation requests received within 30 days of purchase or renewal are subject to a $50 processing and administrative fee for MLS setup and ongoing compliance requirements, regardless of whether activation was completed.

If you request to cancel after 30 days from date of purchase or renewal, HomeASAP will schedule the service to cancel at period end, but we may offer alternatives including but not limited to transferring the remainder of the payment (less the setup fee) towards the purchase of another service.