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Here you will find all our information resources to help you best use your TurnKey Suite service. Still stuck? Feel free to e-mail us or call (904) 800-1811!



Get familiarized with your Facebook page.

Your Account Managers have worked hard to build your professional business page and equip it with tools that will be helpful to your visitors. Make the most of your page (and make sure not to miss out on leads) by learning your way around.


Advertise your business and services

Apart from your social real estate apps and engaging page content, advertising is the most effective way to drive traffic to your FAcebook page and grow your business. Our knowledgeable marketing professionals will handle your ad needs for you. Download our Ad Guide for more info!

Supplement your page with local content.

While we post engaging, seasonal content to your Facebook business page every day, we recommend that you supplement your page with hyper-local content. Adding posts about local events, attractions and activities in your area help make your page a destination and resource for local knowledge.



How do I access my Facebook Business Page?

Once you have logged into Facebook, you will automatically be taken to your Home page, also called your News Feed. On the left side of the Home page, you will notice a section called ‘Pages.’ Here you will see the name of your Business Page. Click on this link to take you to your Facebook Business Page. To see how to access your Facebook business page, watch our video tutorial.

How can I make my Agent Profile score a 10/10?

In the Real Estate Agent Directory, you are scored on a scale based on how in-depth you have filled out your profile. This includes simple info such as your brokerage name, identifying your service areas, and listing your credentials/certifications. The highest score an agent can achieve is a 10/10.

Agents are displayed in the Directory from highest profile score to lowest. By scoring a 10, you will position yourself to be seen amongst the top profiles in your target market. For example, an agent with a score of 10 will be more likely to be seen than another agent who scored only a 4. Update your agent profile for increased visibility! Learn more how to bring your Agent Profile score up to a 10 here.
Edit your Profile here.

What do I do if my content stops posting?
This likely means we lost permissions to post to your page, which can happen if you change a setting in your Facebook such as your password. Reset your permissions here. Follow the step-by-step instructions below.

  1. Once you are in the Agent Dashboard, click on TurnKey Suite under “Paid Services” on the left hand side and then select Manage.
  2. Click the green button in the center of the page that says “Grant Page and Posting Access.”
  3. Select “Okay” to allow us to post to your Facebook business page.
  4. Once again, click “Okay” to allow us to see what page we need to post to.

Posting should resume within 24 hours according to your posting schedule.

How do I make someone an admin of my Page, or accept my admin role on a page?
To make us an Admin:

  1. From a browser (not the Facebook app) on your desktop, laptop or tablet, go to your Facebook business page and click ‘Settings’ (top right corner of the page).
  2. Click ‘Page Roles.’
  3. Type in orders@n-play.com and choose ‘Admin’ from the drop down menu.
  4. Click save. You will be prompted to enter your password. Enter your Facebook password to confirm the changes. You can also watch this short video tutorial: here

If you are having an existing Facebook business page remodeled, you will need to make your Account Manager an Admin of your page so that they may remodel it. If you are having a new page created, we will invite you to become an Admin of your newly created page.

To accept your Admin role (after we have created your new page):

  1. Accept Admin (Manager) role. – From a browser (not the Facebook app) on your desktop, laptop or tablet, go to Facebook home (www.facebook.com) and click on your notifications (the red globe). – Click on the notification that says ‘________ Mktgcoach has invited you to become an admin of Your Facebook page.’ Then click Accept.
  2. Click here to go back into our app. This refreshes the permissions with Facebook so that our services will appear on your page. Once the page opens, you can simply close the window. Click here for a quick tutorial on how to navigate to your Facebook Business Page.
How do I edit the text for Page Engage posts on my wall?

Edit your Page Engage posts by clicking the ellipsis (three dots) and selecting “Edit” to change the text.

Can I view and edit my content before it posts?
Content is automatically posted to your page in order to save you valuable time. You can still make changes to it after it has been posted by going to your timeline. Click the ellipsis (three dots) in the upper right hand corner of the post and select Edit to change the text.
How do I post my own content?
Posting on your Facebook business page is an essential to communicating with your fans, and a great way to generate leads. While Page Engage posts to your page daily, you should also supplement those postings periodically with local content. We encourage you to do this on occasion to add your own unique “stamp” to your page, building your personal brand.


Services Overview
What is TurnKey Suite?

TurnKey Suite is a full-service marketing solution for real estate agents on Facebook. Establish your personal brand and grow your business with the assistance of an Account Management team dedicated to your success. The service is offered through the Real Estate Agent Directory on Facebook and is available nationwide.

What is included with TurnKey Suite?

TurnKey Suite bundles the Real Estate Agent Directory’s most popular services along with several extras. It includes:

  • Facebook business page creation or remodel of your existing page
  • Account Manager who helps co-manage your page
  • Custom cover photo branded to your business – up to 3 revisions per month
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • IDX Home Search (Note: If your MLS is not live in our system, we will create a tab that links to your external website’s Home Search, if available)
  • Page Engage daily real estate content posts (up to one per day)
  • Dream Sweeps contest app
  • Featured Listings tab (imports from your office’s listings)
  • TurnKey Pro Marketing Tips email subscription
  • Advertising assistance (up to 3 revisions per campaign per month)
  • Inclusion in the Real Estate Agent Directory/Agent Search
  • Access to Real Estate Agent Directory Facebook Groups
  • Email and phone support/consulting (up to 1 hour/month*)
    * Additional consulting available for $45/hour

What does TurnKey Suite do for me?

Whether you’re looking to build your presence on Facebook, remodel your page, meet more prospects or increase your marketing ROI, TurnKey Suite helps you accomplish your goals. Buyers and sellers in your area are looking to Facebook to find the agent for them. Put your best foot forward with a full suite of tools that attracts visitors to your page and nurtures them into valuable leads. Our team of real estate marketing experts who specialize in Facebook will set you up with everything needed to build your social presence, including a professionally designed Facebook business page equipped with lead gen apps. Your Account Manager will also provide you with strategies on converting your leads. While similar services cost an average of $150-$1,000 per month, TurnKey Suite is priced within reach and offers unmatched flexibility with no contracts. Our priority is to deliver real results.

What is your availability?

Your Account Managers want to be there for you every step of the way. Please keep in mind that we aim to assist all of our clients equally, so the most efficient methods of contact are email and chat support. For phone support, we ask that you provide one business day’s notice in order to schedule a time that works best for all parties.
* Additional consulting available for $45/hour

Page Engage
What is Page Engage?

Page Engage is a content posting service that is included in your TurnKey Suite subscription. With Page Engage, we will auto-post real estate images and articles to your page daily in order to build engagement on your page, start conversations and nurture leads.

Is it possible to have Page Engage post to both my business page as well as my personal page?

Yes, you can set Page Engage to post to both your business page and personal Facebook pages. Set up and manage your posting schedule here: Here

Why are there more images posted than articles?

Our research has shown that image-based posts get the most likes, comments and shares compared to other types of content. Additionally, Facebook’s algorithm favors images far more than articles and text-based posts, meaning they typically show images to more people (and people tend to engage with photos more). We do make sure to post 2-3 articles per week with helpful tips for home buyers and sellers.

What type of content could I post?

The best way to grow your organic audience is to post content that is engaging, unique and/or useful. Incorporating local content helps position you as a go-to market expert. While we post engaging, seasonal content to your Facebook business page daily, we recommend that you supplement your page with hyper-local content, as you see fit. This allows you to develop your personal brand, establish relationships throughout your community, and develop a well-rounded real estate business page. Below are a few ideas for supplemental content to post to your page periodically:

  • Local market statistics
  • Local (positive) news stories
  • Tagging your favorite businesses/vendors on Facebook (ex: restaurants, shops, handyman, mortgage professional, home stager, veterinarian, locksmith, etc.)
  • Local weather reports
  • Business openings in your farm area (ex: restaurants)
  • Interesting neighborhood facts
  • Large scale garage sales
  • Local school ratings and reports
Facebook Help
How do I move page tabs around?

1. Log into your Facebook account and go to your business page.
2. Click on ‘More’ on the right-hand side of your tabs.

3. Click ‘Manage Tabs.’
4. Drag to reorder.
5. Click Save.

How do I edit a post?

1. Go to your business page.
2. Click on the post you want to edit.
3. Click on the edit button on the right-hand side.

4. Edit the information in the boxes.
5. Click on ‘Done Editing.’

How do I pin a post to the top of my business page?

1. Go to your business page.
2. Move your mouse over the post/picture you want to delete and click the drop-down arrow.
3. Click on ‘Pin to Top.’

4. This will pin the post to the top of your Facebook business page for one week.

How do I change tab images?

1. Go to your business page.
2. Click on ‘More’ on the right-hand side of your tabs.

3. Click ‘Manage Tabs.’

4. Click ‘Add or Remove Tabs.’
5. Find the name of the tab you want to edit, then click ‘Edit Settings.’
6. Click ‘Change’ next to Custom Tab Image.

7. Hover over the tab image, then click ‘Edit.’
8. Choose the file you would like to upload, then upload the file. 9. Save your changes.

10. Once the image has been accepted please go back to your Facebook page and click refresh to see the new image appear.

How do I change my cover photo?

1. Go to your Facebook business page.
2. Hover over your cover photo and click “change cover” in the upper left-hand corner.
3. If you’d like to use a photo from your Facebook business page, select ‘Choose from Photos.’ To use a photo from your computer, select ‘Upload Photo.’
4. Choose the picture you would like to use.
5. Use your mouse to drag the picture into the correct position.
6. Click ‘Save Changes’ in the lower right-hand corner.

IDX Home Search
What is IDX Home Search?

IDX Home Search is a home search service that is included in your TurnKey Suite subscription. Buyers are able to search the entire inventory of homes in their MLS directly on your Facebook business page.

What’s better about IDX Home Search on Facebook?

Most agents have a home search on their personal websites, where they are in competition with Google and large portals. Paying for SEO and advertising on your personal website can be costly and ineffective. On Facebook, you can attract potential local buyers on the site they spend the majority of their time on, resulting in increased ROI.

Your IDX Home Search is branded to you, making you the point of contact for potential buyers using your search. MLS Home Search is also socially-enabled, allowing visitors to like, share and comment on any listings. This increases your visibility and your page’s reach.

How do people see my IDX Home Search?

Visitors to your page can click on your ‘Find a Home’ tab and start searching homes. We can send you a link for your Home Search so that you may promote it in your marketing communications. Share the link with your friends and fans by posting the link on your business page.

We post bi-weekly to your page promoting your Home Search. We can also run custom ads directing potential buyers to your Search. Visit our FAQ Advertising section for more information.

What if my MLS is pending?

If your MLS pending, this means we are still working with them to get IDX Home Search active for your market. Please contact your TurnKey Suite team for details on expediting the process.

Even if your MLS is still pending, we try to ensure that you will have some form of IDX Home Search on your page. If your external website has a Home Search, we can create a tab and link it on your Facebook page.

Agents with a pending MLS will have a lower monthly subscription price than agents with an active MLS.

What do I do if my Home Search isn’t working?

Your Home Search app will typically become active within 1-14 business days of signing up for TurnKey Suite, depending on your MLS. Your MLS may require agent, broker and/or MLS signature on the electronic IDX documents before your search is live. Please contact your TurnKey team to find out the status of your IDX Home Search.

If your Home Search previously worked on your business page, this likely means we lost permission to post to your page. This can happen if you change your Facebook password. To update permissions, please click on the following link and see instructions below: Reset my permissions

  1. Once you are on the Agent Dashboard, click on TurnKey Suite under the paid services on the left hand side and then Manage.
  2. You will see a green button on the right that says Grant Page and Posting Access. Please click on this button.
  3. Click on Okay to allow us to post to your Facebook business page.
  4. Click on Okay to allow us to see what page we need to post to.

This should fix the problem and your Home Search should resume within 24 hours.

How do I view leads?

View visitors on your Home Search, Featured Listings, and other TurnKey Suite service tabs by installing our Agent Live Chat app. Learn about Live Chat here. Note: Visitors need to install our buyer app, Property Pins, for their lead info to be visible. Visitors are prompted to install Property Pins when utilizing your Facebook business page services offered through TurnKey Suite.

Dream Sweeps
What is Dream Sweeps?

Dream Sweeps is a monthly sweepstakes service that is included in your TurnKey Suite subscription. Dream Sweeps builds excitement around your page by giving your visitors a chance to win monthly prizes. Prizes are gift cards to home-related stores such as Lowe’s, Home Depot, Crate & Barrel, and more.

How does it work?

We add a sweepstakes tab to your page that is branded to you, then post about your contest weekly. Visitors may enter your contest via your contest tab, or by liking, commenting, or sharing the Dream Sweeps content we post. Winners are chosen monthly from the pool of agents nationwide who have Dream Sweeps. We handle contacting the winner and providing the prize. A photo of the winner and his/her name will be posted to your page, but not the name of the agent’s page or location.

If the winner is chosen from your page, you will receive a special custom post with both your name and the winner’s name/photo.

How many times can visitors enter my sweepstakes?

Visitors may enter your contest up to five times per month.

How are Dream Sweeps prizes paid out?

Dream Sweeps prizes are paid out in the form of a gift cards valued at $600 USD. The total prize amount may be distributed across different gift cards.

What is a real estate agent’s role in Dream Sweeps?

As an agent, your role in Dream Sweeps is to simply host the contest on your Facebook business page. We handle the rest!

Do I get the lead’s information?

Yes. When people enter your contest and agree to permissions via the use of our Property Pins app, their lead information is captured. You can view your contest entrants in your Account Overview and export the data via an Excel .CSV file. Access your contest entrants here.

How are winners selected?

We randomly select one winner each month. If one of your fans is selected as the winner, we will send the prize directly to them on your behalf. The winner is chosen from a pool of entries, not just the entries on your page.

How do we find out who won?

We announce the winner on our Facebook wall each month. View a gallery of all the winners of Dream Sweeps here. here

What is the approximate chance of being selected a winner?

The chance of winning is dependent upon the number of entries received per drawing. This number will vary from month to month due to the number of agents that have Dream Sweeps and also how many times fans choose to enter individually.

How are prizes rewarded? Who gives the prize to the winner?

Prizes are rewarded directly to the prize recipient and we mail them directly to the winner on behalf of the agent.

How do people find out about my sweepstakes?

We can send you a link to promote your sweepstakes on your Facebook business page, personal profile, or elsewhere. When someone ‘likes’ your page to enter your sweepstakes, news feed stories are shown to the entrant’s friends, extending your viral reach.
Dream Sweeps also utilizes promotional wall posts that automatically post to your business and personal pages. These posts appear on your pages once per week and prompt your fans to enter/re-enter your sweepstakes.

I want to do advertising for my business page. Can you help me with that?

Yes! There are many different advertising options and our team of marketing consultants will run your custom, locally targeted ads for you! Download our Advertising Guide for more information.

Do I set the budget for my ads?

Yes, you choose the budget for your promotional campaigns. We don’t require any contracts or obligations for running ads for you.

What are the different ways that you can help me advertise my business page?

The most popular campaigns we run for agents are “page likes” and “user engagement” ads. We can also run promotions for an open house, current listings, home value reports, and IDX Home Search. Our team works directly with you, and can customize campaigns to fit your specific needs.
Interested in learning more? Download our Advertising Guide and contact us to get started.


My payment failed. Where can I go to update my card?

No problem! You can easily update your credit card by following the link here.

I need to add a different card to my account, what should I do?

Switch out the card you have on file by going here. Contact your Account Manager if you need assistance.

Do you offer long-term plans?

Yes! Enjoy deep savings of up tp 30% or more by switching to a long-term prepaid subscription plan. Contact the TurnKey Team to learn how to maximize your ROI!

 Setup Fee

The first month of Turnkey Suite includes a setup fee of $49.98 to cover initial consultations, email, telephone and chat support, processing and page setup, special coding, SEO work, and graphic design services. If you cancel your TurnKey Suite subscription within the first month, a minimum of $49.98 shall be deducted for this setup fee and is not refundable.

Cancellation Policy for Month-to-Month Subscriptions

No contracts are required for monthly TurnKey Suite subscriptions, and you may cancel at any time. Agents who purchased a monthly subscription who cancel within one day (1) of purchase may be issued a pro-rated refund less the $49.98 setup fee. Agents cancelling outside of one (1) day of purchase(including any renewal purchase) but before their monthly term is complete, will incur the full monthly subscription price and are not eligible for a refund. Each month of TurnKey Suite includes the services outlined in the Services Overview section above, and covers labor, app and page development, support, and advertising (if bundled or purchased a la carte).

Multi-Month Subscriptions

Pre-paid Multi-month subscriptions are offered for terms of 3, 6, 9, 12, or 24 months. At the end of the term, the subscription will roll over to a regular month-to-month subscription. Agents may reach out prior to the end of their multi-month subscription to request to remain on a multi-month plan.

Early Cancellation Policy for Multi-Month Subscriptions

No contracts are required for multi-month TurnKey Suite subscriptions, and you may cancel at any time. Agents who purchased a multi-month subscription who cancel within one day (1) of purchase may be issued a pro-rated refund less the $49.98 setup fee. Outside of one (1) day of purchase, agents who purchased one of the multi-month prepay options who cancel before the term is complete (3 months, 6 months, 12 months, or 24 months) will be charged the regular monthly rate for the period used plus any advertising costs and credited or refunded any remaining amount.

Advertising Budget & Service Fee

*A portion of your advertising budget is spent directly on Facebook’s Ads Manager Platform. Because Ad campaigns are funded from your pre-paid advertising budget, advertising expenditures are non-refundable. Your advertising budget is included in your subscription or purchased a la carte. One (1) ad campaign is launched on Facebook per month by your Account Manager. If you wish to increase your monthly advertising budget and/or launch additional campaigns, your Account Manager would be happy to discuss options with you.

**Included in your advertising budget  is a Service Fee that covers the cost of your Account Manager creating, launching, monitoring, and updating your Facebook advertising campaign. All advertising service fees are non-refundable.