When MLS Status Pending

If you signed up for IDX Home Search and your MLS is currently pending, you will not have an active search. If an MLS is listed as Pending, it means we are still working with the MLS to obtain an IDX feed.

Please note you will not be charged until your MLS market is live. We will notify you in advance via email and Facebook notifications once your MLS market becomes available. There are no contracts, and you can cancel at any time.

When MLS Status is Live

If you signed up for IDX Home Search at a Live MLS, but IDX Home Search isn’t working on your page, you may have an outstanding IDX License Agreement that still requires signature(s). Once all required parties sign the MLS document, the PDF will either go to your MLS for final approval (if required by your MLS) or your IDX Home Search will immediately activate on your business page and agent profile.

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