When people search for homes through “your” HomeASAP site, they show up as Leads. If they were “Logged In” when they searched, they will show up as “identified” leads, and you will have access to all of the information Facebook will allow.

If they did not log in before searching, they will show up as “unidentified” leads, as we have no information that we can share. But we do place a cookie on their computer, and if that person logs in in the future we will then have access to their profile information (they will convert to “identified” leads).

Every 4th click, we prompt the searcher to Log In. We have found that this frequency encourages many people to log in without scaring them away to other search sites

When promoting the Home Search to potential customers, we encourage agents to direct customers through the Facebook link, so the customers will be logged in. If you are directing people to search via your external site, you should include wording that encourages people to log in while searching.

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