To ensure the best speed, security and support, we built the Directory so it’s cross-browser compatible with the most recent versions of web browsers. If you’re experiencing difficulties with your agent profile check to make sure you’re using the most up-to-date web browser.

You can check your current browser version by clicking about in the browser menu bar. If your browser is an older version than our recommendations below upgrading is easy and free.

For the best performance we recommend using any of the the following web browsers, you can click on the appropriate link to upgrade your browser.

Firefox (latest version)

Internet Explorer (versions 9, 10)

*Version 8 of Internet Explorer is suitable but for the best performance we recommend Versions 9 or 10.

Chrome (latest version)

Safari (version 5 or higher)

Opera (versions 10, 11 or higher)

If you’re running Windows XP Home or Professional as your operating system we recommend you use Internet Explorer version 9 or that you upgrade to one of the other browsers listed above.

Upgrading Internet Explorer is easy and free at

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