What is Dream Sweeps?

Dream Sweeps is a monthly sweepstakes service that is included in your TurnKey Suite subscription. Dream Sweeps builds excitement around your page by giving your visitors a chance to win monthly prizes. Prizes are gift cards to home-related stores such as Lowe’s, Home Depot, Crate & Barrel, and more.

How does it work?

We add a sweepstakes tab to your page that is branded to you, then post about your contest weekly. Visitors may enter your contest via your contest tab, or by liking, commenting, or sharing the Dream Sweeps content we post. Winners are chosen monthly from the pool of agents nationwide who have Dream Sweeps. We handle contacting the winner and providing the prize. A photo of the winner and his/her name will be posted to your page, but not the name of the agent’s page or location.

If the winner is chosen from your page, you will receive a special custom post with both your name and the winner’s name/photo.

How many times can visitors enter my sweepstakes?

Visitors may enter your contest up to five times per month.

How are Dream Sweeps prizes paid out?

Dream Sweeps prizes are paid out in the form of a gift cards valued at $600 USD. The total prize amount may be distributed across different gift cards.

What is a real estate agent’s role in Dream Sweeps?

As an agent, your role in Dream Sweeps is to simply host the contest on your Facebook business page. We handle the rest!

Do I get the lead’s information?

Yes. When people enter your contest and agree to permissions via the use of our Property Pins app, their lead information is captured. You can view your contest entrants in your Account Overview and export the data via an Excel .CSV file. Access your contest entrants here.

How are winners selected?

We randomly select one winner each month. If one of your fans is selected as the winner, we will send the prize directly to them on your behalf. The winner is chosen from a pool of entries, not just the entries on your page.

How do we find out who won?

We announce the winner on our Facebook wall each month. View a gallery of all the winners of Dream Sweeps here. here

What is the approximate chance of being selected a winner?

The chance of winning is dependent upon the number of entries received per drawing. This number will vary from month to month due to the number of agents that have Dream Sweeps and also how many times fans choose to enter individually.

How are prizes rewarded? Who gives the prize to the winner?

Prizes are rewarded directly to the prize recipient and we mail them directly to the winner on behalf of the agent.

How do people find out about my sweepstakes?

We can send you a link to promote your sweepstakes on your Facebook business page, personal profile, or elsewhere. When someone ‘likes’ your page to enter your sweepstakes, news feed stories are shown to the entrant’s friends, extending your viral reach.
Dream Sweeps also utilizes promotional wall posts that automatically post to your business and personal pages. These posts appear on your pages once per week and prompt your fans to enter/re-enter your sweepstakes.

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