What is IDX Home Search?

IDX Home Search is a home search service that is included in your TurnKey Suite subscription. Buyers are able to search the entire inventory of homes in their MLS directly on your Facebook business page.

What’s better about IDX Home Search on Facebook?

Most agents have a home search on their personal websites, where they are in competition with Google and large portals. Paying for SEO and advertising on your personal website can be costly and ineffective. On Facebook, you can attract potential local buyers on the site they spend the majority of their time on, resulting in increased ROI.

Your IDX Home Search is branded to you, making you the point of contact for potential buyers using your search. MLS Home Search is also socially-enabled, allowing visitors to like, share and comment on any listings. This increases your visibility and your page’s reach.

How do people see my IDX Home Search?

Visitors to your page can click on your ‘Find a Home’ tab and start searching homes. We can send you a link for your Home Search so that you may promote it in your marketing communications. Share the link with your friends and fans by posting the link on your business page.

We post bi-weekly to your page promoting your Home Search. We can also run custom ads directing potential buyers to your Search. Visit our FAQ Advertising section for more information.

What if my MLS is pending?

If your MLS pending, this means we are still working with them to get IDX Home Search active for your market. Please contact your TurnKey Suite team for details on expediting the process.

Even if your MLS is still pending, we try to ensure that you will have some form of IDX Home Search on your page. If your external website has a Home Search, we can create a tab and link it on your Facebook page.

Agents with a pending MLS will have a lower monthly subscription price than agents with an active MLS.

What do I do if my Home Search isn’t working?

Your Home Search app will typically become active within 1-14 business days of signing up for TurnKey Suite, depending on your MLS. Your MLS may require agent, broker and/or MLS signature on the electronic IDX documents before your search is live. Please contact your TurnKey team to find out the status of your IDX Home Search.

If your Home Search previously worked on your business page, this likely means we lost permission to post to your page. This can happen if you change your Facebook password. To update permissions, please click on the following link and see instructions below: Reset my permissions

  1. Once you are on the Agent Dashboard, click on TurnKey Suite under the paid services on the left hand side and then Manage.
  2. You will see a green button on the right that says Grant Page and Posting Access. Please click on this button.
  3. Click on Okay to allow us to post to your Facebook business page.
  4. Click on Okay to allow us to see what page we need to post to.

This should fix the problem and your Home Search should resume within 24 hours.

How do I view leads?

View visitors on your Home Search, Featured Listings, and other TurnKey Suite service tabs by installing our Agent Live Chat app. Learn about Live Chat here. Note: Visitors need to install our buyer app, Property Pins, for their lead info to be visible. Visitors are prompted to install Property Pins when utilizing your Facebook business page services offered through TurnKey Suite.

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