My payment failed. Where can I go to update my card?

No problem! You can easily update your credit card by following the link here.

I need to add a different card to my account, what should I do?

Switch out the card you have on file by going here. Contact your Account Manager if you need assistance.

Do you offer long-term plans?

Yes! Enjoy deep savings of up tp 30% or more by switching to a long-term prepaid subscription plan. Contact the TurnKey Team to learn how to maximize your ROI!

 Setup Fee

The first month of Turnkey Suite includes a setup fee of $49.98 to cover initial consultations, email, telephone and chat support, processing and page setup, special coding, SEO work, and graphic design services. If you cancel your TurnKey Suite subscription within the first month, a minimum of $49.98 shall be deducted for this setup fee and is not refundable.

Cancellation Policy for Month-to-Month Subscriptions

No contracts are required for monthly TurnKey Suite subscriptions, and you may cancel at any time. Agents who purchased a monthly subscription who cancel within one day (1) of purchase may be issued a pro-rated refund less the $49.98 setup fee. Agents cancelling outside of one (1) day of purchase(including any renewal purchase) but before their monthly term is complete, will incur the full monthly subscription price and are not eligible for a refund. Each month of TurnKey Suite includes the services outlined in the Services Overview section above, and covers labor, app and page development, support, and advertising (if bundled or purchased a la carte).

Early Cancellation Policy for Multi-Month Subscriptions

No contracts are required for multi-month TurnKey Suite subscriptions, and you may cancel at any time. Agents who purchased a multi-month subscription who cancel within one day (1) of purchase may be issued a pro-rated refund less the $49.98 setup fee. Outside of one (1) day of purchase, agents who purchased one of the multi-month prepay options who cancel before the term is complete (3 months, 6 months, 12 months, or 24 months) will be charged the regular monthly rate for the period used plus any advertising costs and credited or refunded any remaining amount.

Advertising Budget & Service Fee

*A portion of your advertising budget is spent directly on Facebook’s Ads Manager Platform. Because Ad campaigns are funded from your pre-paid advertising budget, advertising expenditures are non-refundable. Your advertising budget is included in your subscription or purchased a la carte. One (1) ad campaign is launched on Facebook per month by your Account Manager. If you wish to increase your monthly advertising budget and/or launch additional campaigns, your Account Manager would be happy to discuss options with you.

**Included in your advertising budget  is a Service Fee that covers the cost of your Account Manager creating, launching, monitoring, and updating your Facebook advertising campaign. All advertising service fees are non-refundable.

Contact your TurnKey team to switch to a long term plan with advertising and maximize your ROI!

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